Software strengthened by consultancy and know how: this is the new paradigm on wich Mia-Platform’s service offer to Companies is based. Therefore, the technological tools are integrated with a continuous learning process of methods and contents. We call it Academy.

Our Academy offers a tested system of professional culture empowerment for the company. The courses and workshops aim to the optimal usage of Mia-Platform Suites and to the development of new processes, to be more efficient, effective and competitive. During these activities, we apply knowledge and tools from the Agile methods.

Mia-Platform Academy is the main tool to reach our Mission of integrating know how, methods and processes with a technologically advanced platform.

The Modules

Introductive General Cross-Departments Course
Introduction to digital platforms
Mia-Platform and the challenge of the Omnichannel market

Business Course
Product Envisioning Workshop
Our suite: API CMS, Analytics and User Monetization
Documentation and Data Monetization
Mia-Platform for Business Intelligence
Mia-Platform Skill Matrix

Team Development Course
Mia-Platform: Architecture and API Console
Mia-Platform Custom service
Safety support
Documentation Portal
Mia-Platform for Android
Mia- Platform for iOS

Team Development Course - DevOps
Logs and allarms
Monitoring and Billing
CI and CD

Preparatory courses to technologies
Introduction to Git - "the stupid content tracker"
Cx-Integration, Delivery and Deploy
DevOps with Docker
Introduction to NoSQL with MongoDB

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