Mia-Platform Certifications allow companies to master their own Enterprise Digital Business Platforms.

Mia-Platform Dev Fundamentals | Mia-Platform

Mia-Platform Dev Fundamentals

The starter course for everyone who aims at mastering Mia-Platform’s technology and principles.

Receiving the Mia-Platform Fundamentals Certification means you understand Mia-Platform’s vision and principles and the theory behind its patterns. You have a general knowledge of Mia-Platform’s main features and of all its components.

Mia-Platform Professional | Mia-Platform

Mia-Platform Professional

An advanced course to learn how to be fully autonomous and properly develop on Mia-Platform.

A certified Mia-Platform Professional knows Mia-Platform’s technology and all its components and has fulfilled with success development tasks on a project, leveraging the technology to achieve greater results.

Mia-Platform Architect | Mia-Platform

Mia-Platform Architect

A next-level course to learn to be autonomous in designing and implementing software architectures based on Mia-Platform.

A certified Mia-Platform Architect ensures to its customers the best possible use of Mia-Platform’s technology.

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