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Cloud, APIs and Microservices are three pillars for Digital Transformation and Omnichannel strategies.

Professionals are constantly learning and improving their competencies to face this market revolution: Mia‑Platform Academy serves as your go-to knowledge broker.

Empower your people with a rich program of courses ranging from technology to business.
Let them train with the best professionals and develop a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Organize classes and workshops with the most innovative learning styles: hands-on, pairing, serious gaming, conversation facilitation and more!

Course Modules:

Speed up Development Teams
How to develop Microservices (Node.js, Java, Kotlin)
Microservices Design and Architectures
Docker, Kubernetes and Container Orchestration
Kubernetes business continuity strategies
Git, Pipelines and Tools for Continuous Delivery and Deployment
API Lifecycle Management
Data Streams with Kafka
Customer Single Views design and development
MongoDB advanced techniques
Introduction to Agile, Scrum and Kanban methods
Introduction to DevOps practices
Introduction to eXtreme Programming practices

Business Digital Transformation
Platform Economy Principles: how to design a new Digital Platform
API as a Product: how to use your data and monetize them
Introduction to Business Agility: tools and techniques

Mia-Platform Academy is directed by international coach and mentor Giulio Roggero.

The official Academy program contains detailed information on all courses.
Courses can be customized and tailored to fit your Company's needs.

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