🎉 Mia-Platform named as Cool Vendor in the 2021 Gartner Cool Vendors for Software Engineering Technologies


On-the-Job Training

On-the-job training helps teams and people to accelerate their learning process and consolidate their know-how. Pair your Development Teams with Mia‑Platform's experts to transfer knowledge effectively thanks to the most advanced training techniques.

Pair Programming | Mia-Platform

Pair Programming

  • Design and Develop together all-day

  • Speed up learning

  • Write clean code

  • Focus on methods and practices (code reviews, TDD, refactoring, continuous integration)

Mob Programming | Mia-Platform

Mob Programming

  • All teams writing code on a single PC

  • Hands-on design workshops

  • Share know-how effectively

  • Code reviews to learn new practices

Kata and Coderetreats | Mia-Platform

Kata and Coderetreats

  • ​Attend intensive practice programming events to strengthen your skills

  • Take some time with more experienced developers to focus on development fundamentals, confront on coding and further improve your competences

Shadow Scrum Teams | Mia-Platform

Shadow Scrum Teams

  • Work alongside a Scrum Team and learn day by day from the experts

  • ​Gain first-hand experience on processes, methods and techniques to get the best from a real Scrum Team

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