Additional Services

Next to the Suite, Mia-Platform offers a wide range of services

Planning and Design UX/UI | Mia-Platform

Planning and Design UX/UI

We design exceptional digital solutions to transmit to users the powerful value of the platform.We define Personas, Customer Journey and all the fundamental touchpoints, we then translate them in concrete solutions, creating a unique, linear and high-quality user experience.

Sviluppo di App e Webapp e Chatbot | Mia-Platform

Sviluppo di App e Webapp e Chatbot

Metti l'utente al centro e costruisci attorno a lui i servizi di cui ha bisogno. Il nostro team è a disposizione per studiare e sviluppare assieme a te le migliori App e WebApp, sfruttando tutto il potenziale della tua piattaforma digitale.

Alghoritms and Machine Learning | Mia-Platform

Alghoritms and Machine Learning

A complex system needs to optimize data and processes. A team composed of mathematics experts will be in charge of developing innovative algorithms to improve your organizational processes and your interactions with the user.

DevOps | Mia-Platform


We support your development and DevOps teams in organizing their code and improve the deploy processes on the platform. We transmit to your IT all the know how related to methods, techniques and processes that you need, for a real team empowerment.

Privacy Consultancy on new GDPR | Mia-Platform

Privacy Consultancy on new GDPR

We help the company in controlling their users data, respecting and protecting their privacy in compliance with the new GDPR regulation.

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