🎉 Mia-Platform named as Cool Vendor in the 2021 Gartner Cool Vendors for Software Engineering Technologies


An incremental Digital Plaform to serve IT and Business

Leverage the components of Mia‑Platform Suite to build your own end-to-end Digital Integration Hub and grant your company multiple advantages.

Time to Market and Reliability

Accelerate time to market and achieve continuous delivery without interrupting your business.

Leverage Templates and Examples to speed up microservices development.

Automatize your DevOps pipeline, from build to tests and releases.

Reuse microservices and APIs to develop new touchpoints, avoiding code duplication.

Security and Compliance

Being the unique access point, the Platform allows to easily monitor users' identity and to stop potential attacks.

  • Control easily your users' identity and permits.

  • Authomatize security steps and enhance them with Compliance as Code practices.

  • Simplify the governance of data and information under GDPR.

Scalability and Flexibility

The power of a microservices Platform is to be composed by small modular elements that ensure the ability to scale up with the increase of requests from the touchpoints and to support a flexible development.

  • Thanks to a simplified data filing system, the Company can focus on becoming a real Data Driven Company.

  • Microservices allow to scale up with the increase of requests and to develop new functionalities reducing technical debt.

  • A more easy way to read and analize data allows to design processes to improve the Company's performance.

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