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The platform that optimizes last mile logistics

Optimizing the operations that bring orders from the warehouse to final clients' homes is the real challenge for big logistics players.

Mia-Platform and GLS built the digital platform that collects all company data on real time and, through innovative algorithms, provides exact instructions to drivers and warehouse supervisors.

Who is it

GLS is one of the biggest international companies of goods transportation and logistics contracts.

In Italy it counts a fleet of 5.400 delivery means and over 120.000 clients. It has 154 offices and it can cover the entire national territory.

The goal

To develop a new algorithm for GLS to be innovative and optimize the last mile delivery.

The Results | Mia-Platform

Our work

Mia-Platform developed for GLS a digital platform based on APIs and microservices. The platform gathers all the data coming from the different areas of the company, allowing an accurate analysis of the existing processes and the detection of critical points in the production chain.

Based on this insights, a new delivery algorythm was written, with the goal of automatically generating the best instructions to operate in every single step of the service.

The Results | Mia-Platform

The Results

The new algorythm, based on the data collected by the digital platform, works in real time and allows GLS operators to pursue in every moment the optimal outcome for the company and the final customer.

The platform protects the core IT systems of GLS and maintains the data consistency, exposing the information on the digital channels of the company rapidly and safely, both for internal and external use.


Thanks to an integrated and automated system on deliveries management, GLS operators job is easier and more valuable because it is always oriented to the optimum.


To rationalize orders at the warehouse, correctly load the vehicles, organize the deliveries and returns according to best route allows the company to save a lot of time.


GLS can now check step by step the status of every single order, delivery, return, vehicle or warehouse.

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