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The digital platform for mobility in Lombardia

Data about planned and real-time routes are a complicated group of information spread upon different business areas. Trenord chose Mia-Platform to organize, centralize and exhibit all those data towards users thanks to the app for mobility in Lombardia.

Who is it

Trenord in the railway service in Lombardia, the most “moving” region in our country, where everyday over 700.000 people - around 200 milions per year - are taking the train.

It manages the railway service in the hinterland of Milan, the regional railway service, the Malpensa Express train service for the airport and the cross-border routes Como-Chiasso and Malpensa-Bellinzona.

The goal

Build the Unique Digital Platform in Trenord, to aggregate all the data about planned and real-time routes and exhibit them towards users for the ufficial app for Expo 2015. The app had to be the reference point not only for Expo 2015 tourists, but also for commuters, therefore integrating all the functionalities useful for everyday passengers.

Development and Support | Mia-Platform

Analysis and Design

We analysed the reference market and we organized envisioning workshops to better define the digitalisation strategies. As a result of this process, we designed the connectors that could find and reorganize routes data in order to move them to the Digital Platform.

We then defined and designed the services and logics inside the Platform, useful for both the development of functionalities for clients and Trenord employees.

Finally, we realized the UI/UX of new application through a Personas and Customer Journey analysis.

Development and Support | Mia-Platform

Development and Support

We realized the first pilot project to use all routes data gathered by the different touchpoints. We deployed the first applications and we tested the functionalities with a restricted number of users to collect impressions and feedbacks.
Gradually the Platform has integrated other business units and additional services have been developed. Finally, we deployed to production both the Platform and the two applications Android and iOS.

Benefits Generated

Time to Market

During Expo 2015, in only 6 months, Trenord could arrive on the market with the official application for transportation in Lombardia that today allows passengers to easily do a wide range of actions, as: buy tickets and pass, personalize the homepage with the favourites routes, activate notifications to be always updated and receive personalized offers according to the type of passenger.

Analytics and Sales

Thanks to a listening channel with users, to a Beta Testing project and to Mia-Platform analytics, Trenord can design and plan new functionalities and services for employees.
With more than 50 thousand active passengers everyday, Trenord App has reached the remarkable goal of 800 thousand downloads and mobile tickets sale have overcome the website ones.

Scalability and Flexibility

Thanks to the available data, Trenord can now plan and realize commercial agreements with third parties that can be exploited with no additional investment in technologies and time. A first concrete example is the agreement signed with Moovit that allowed - thanks to an easy exposure of Trenord APIs - to sell tickets directly from their app, the first one in the world for public transportation usage.

With the aggregation of routes data, the continuous activity of listening to users and so the planning of new releases, today Trenord app is the reference point for passengers. Moreover, thanks to the easy exposure of data through APIs, Trenord can turn into a real Data Driven Company and use data to stipulate new business agreements with very little investments in time and technology.

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