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The IoT Platform that connects consumer goods with customers

In a fast-moving world, consumer goods are becoming commodities: how can companies add new value to their products?

URely turns every product into a powerful medium, thanks to an advanced IoT solution built on the latest Mia-Platform technologies.

Who is it

URely is an Italian company that guarantees product identity, supply chain traceability, and strong customer engagement through its tech solution, a combination of NCF tags and digital platform. URely works with some of the main global brands in the fashion and retail industry.

The goal

The company needed a single view solution to track physical products through their full life-cycle, manage large amounts of data, and support millions of live interactions all around the world in order to ensure smart identity, smart traceability, and smart engagement.

Development | Mia-Platform

Analysis and Design

The collaboration between URely and Mia-Platform started with an initial phase of analysis, to precisely identify operational and management needs, as well as the users’ expectations, and accordingly design IT architectures, processes, and governance.

Some key issues were highlighted:

  • The first one regarded security: the platform needed to provide a break-proof certified digital identity for every product, in order to avoid illegal actions such as grey market and counterfeits. 
  • The second issue regarded traceability: the platform needed to be able to track in real-time millions of different connected products.
  • The third key issue regarded the engagement of end-users, which needed to be direct and simple (just a tap: no App required. The platform also needed to provide a full set of ready-to-use analytics.

Development | Mia-Platform


Mia-Platform dedicated a team of experts to this project: a PO and a team of skilled software engineers worked together with the client to develop the IoT platform and ensure the key features.

Smart identity allows companies to certify every single product thanks to unique codes protected by encrypted secure keys. Blockchain technology provides an additional level of security when needed. 

Thanks to a Headless CMS, even non-technical people can easily manage the content over the platform’s APIs, making it dynamic, flexible and evolvable over time. The same CMS provides a wide set of ready-to-use Analytics Dashboards, to support the business and marketing strategies of every company. Authorizations and permits are simply managed through toggles, enabling the correct access to content to the right users.

From an IT perspective, the IoT platform is a fully cloud-native, evolvable, fast and secure solution, that allows URely to connect, track and engage millions of products and users in real-time.

In order to rapidly scale with the number of products connected, it was critical to develop URely’s Platform with a modern microservices architecture and fast data streams. 

Generated Benefits

Time-to-Market and Cost Reduction

URely’s platform was developed in just 3 months thanks to Mia-Platform’s DevOps Console. The DevOps Console reduces infrastructure costs thanks to its multi-cloud native support.

Performances and Scalability

The Platform currently sustains 5 Million product tags and guarantees an extremely high system availability, enabling full-time users’ engagement.


The Digital Platform guarantees extreme end-to-end security, protecting core systems and critical information. 

“Mia-Platform is the one-and-only long-term partner which can deeply understand our needs and quickly transform them into action. The DevOps Console greatly accelerated us in developing our platform with a microservices architecture”.

Marzio Amadori, Founder, URely

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