🎉 Mia-Platform named as Cool Vendor in the 2021 Gartner Cool Vendors for Software Engineering Technologies


Our mission: Technology and Consulting

An always-on and mobile-driven consumer, always used to new experiences of connection.

A market mainly constituted by digital platforms dedicated to relationships, information and purchase of products and services.

A technological world that keeps evolving in designing new knowledge models (Data) and new business models (omnichannel context), which can be faced only through a deep change of systems and competences.

The consequent convergence of these 3 factors brings to the Company the necessity to have a different kind of consultancy support.

New business models require new strategies.

This is exactly what Mia‑Platform is: technological platform and know how of methods and processes. Technology connected to consultancy.


Mia‑Platform simplifies and evolves the digital potential of the Company. While doing so, it optimizes and fluidifies internal and external processes that determine success on digital markets.

On one side, Mia‑Platform does not modify the current organization's business units, but creates a light layer between them and the external touchpoints. On the other side, it doesn't interfere with IT or Business but aligns and strengthens their mutual interaction.

In conclusion, Mia‑Platform evolves everything without forcing Companies to change it all. It's a new generation service to develop the Company’s competitiveness.

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