Partner Program

In a competitive key market, collaboration among the best is the key to success. Bring value to your customers helping them with top-of-market digital solutions and lead their digital transformation to success.

Our Partner Program is home to great tech and consultancy companies, joint to grow together and provide valuable solutions to their customers. Mia-Platform selects only the best partners and puts them in the conditions to have success with training, support, and marketing initiatives.

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Why to partner with Mia-Platform? | Mia-Platform

Why to partner with Mia-Platform?

Every company has in its roadmap microservices, Kubernetes, DevOps, APIs. We are recognized as innovators and thought leaders in the field.
Leverage Mia-Platform to make the most of this opportunity:

  • Become an innovation leader that introduces strategic visions in your clients;

  • Improve your services and add value to your offering;

  • Expand your skills and learn new competences with our training and certification program;

  • Gain new customers and new markets.​

Partnership Types

An Engagement Plan for every need. Promote, design or develop? Establish your own partnership path and drive your client’s success with Mia-Platform.

Reselling Partner | Mia-Platform

Reselling Partner

Generate business opportunities introducing and reselling Mia-Platform to new customers.

Strategic Partner | Mia-Platform

Strategic Partner

Offer strategic consultancy to drive the client’s digital transformation through Mia-Platform.

Service Partner | Mia-Platform

Service Partner

Offer professional services to develop the customer's own applications with Mia-Platform.

Technical Partner | Mia-Platform

Technical Partner

Generate value by designing and developing new microservices on the Mia-Platform Marketplace.

Partner Resource Center

Are you already a partner? Exploit the resources that your partnership with Mia-Platform offers: the Academy, Certifications, Training on the job, and much more.

Contact us to manage your deals and to discover the new opportunities that emerge every day.

Training on the job | Mia-Platform

Training on the job

Mia-Platform is based on the best technologies on the market. To accelerate the training process on the use of Mia-Platform Suite, and to improve the use of edge technologies related to the Platform, we offer you a program of training on the job with our best developers and operation experts. You will learn how to develop Mia-Platform’s code and become a master of Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, NoSQL Database, NGINX, Elasticsearch, and many other stacks.

Technical & Commercial Support | Mia-Platform

Technical & Commercial Support

Joining our Partner Program you will have the continuous support of our team, both on the technical side with our expert developers, and on the business side with our Product Owners and a specialized Sales team.

Co-Marketing Initiatives | Mia-Platform

Co-Marketing Initiatives

Mia-Platform offers to its partners the opportunity of a rich program of joint marketing, which provides free benefits to promote the work done together and improve visibility and reputation.

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