Mia-Platform experts pair with your teams from the very startup of your digital initiative to the moment you hit success.

Product Owners & Software Architects support companies in the adoption of new digital paradigms and technologies, while Service Designers and UX Designers help in developing valuable experiences around customers.

Our Development Teams can build Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Chatbots with the most advanced frameworks and technologies, helping your transition to microservices architectures, MultiCloud, DevOps practices and Agile culture.

App, Webapp & Chatbot development | Mia-Platform

App, Webapp & Chatbot development

Looking for the perfect App? Our skilled teams build customized unique value solutions resulting in innovative digital experiences, be it a Mobile App, a WebApp or a Chatbot. We cultivate expertise in both B2B and B2C fields, to make the most of your digital touchpoints.

Front-end | Mia-Platform


Break up your front-end monoliths into smaller, more manageable pieces and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of teams working on front-end code with incremental upgrades, code decoupling, independent deployment and micro-frontend architectures.

Microservices & Back-end | Mia-Platform

Microservices & Back-end

Flexible, composable, complete, autonomous and implementable services in different programming languages: get your systems ready for evolution and scalability with microservices.

Alghoritms and Machine Learning | Mia-Platform

Alghoritms and Machine Learning

A complex system needs to optimize data and processes. A team of experts will be in charge of developing innovative algorithms to improve your organizational processes and your interactions with the users.

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