Boost your IT performance and improve your company profits by adopting DevOps methodology: a set of practices that automates software development processes and IT teams, in order that they can develop, test, and release faster and more reliably in a climate of collaboration and communication. 

Monitoring | Mia-Platform


Keep an eye on the main KPIs of your organization and your teams and enter a cycle of continuous improvement: application performances, time to release, quality of code deployed, systems' uptime and much more.

Cloud | Mia-Platform


Leverage Mia-Platform’s experience to gain the most from your transition to Cloud.

Set up your IT systems for multi-cloud and hybrid environments, to avoid the risk of lock-in, improve agility and optimize your costs at any time.

Pipelines | Mia-Platform


Set up your complete pipelines to continuously integrate, deploy, and deliver tested code.

Lean on Mia-Platform’s expertise to implement a fully automatic, repeatable, and reliable process for the development of your digital products.

Automation | Mia-Platform


Increase productivity, optimize the use of resources, enhance security policies and minimize manual errors automating all the replicable steps of your software development process.

Security | Mia-Platform


Enhance SecOps practices and Compliance as Code, automate the fundamental security tasks and promptly detect vulnerabilities increasing the built-in security of your applications.

Infrastructure as Code | Mia-Platform

Infrastructure as Code

Manage and provision your infrastructure through machine-readable definition files.
Reduce costs, accelerate execution, remove errors and security violations, taking another step towards cloud computing.

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