Digital Transformation

Leverage innovation to create value: improve the efficiency of your business processes and maximize the opportunities generated by technology.
Mia-Platform helps its clients to transform the way they think, work and collaborate to create better experiences for both their developers and their customers.

Cloud Native Architectures | Mia-Platform

Cloud Native Architectures

Cloud native architectures help organizations to reach operational efficiency and deliver automated and scalable solutions that standardize infrastructure and lower down costs. 

Rely on Mia-Platform’s expertise to design the better solution to build and deploy your modern applications.

Agile & Scrum | Mia-Platform

Agile & Scrum

Agile culture can help organizations to succeed in a fast-moving environment.
Enable your teams to be more flexible, deliver value faster, with greater quality and predictability.

Convert your siloed company into a network of cross-functional teams: groups of people composed of multi-disciplinary individuals operating in a fast working cycle toward a common goal in a proactive and engaging environment. 

UX/UI | Mia-Platform


We design exceptional digital solutions to transmit to users the powerful value of the platform. We define Personas, Customer Journey and all the fundamental touchpoints; we then translate them in concrete solutions, creating a unique, linear and high-quality User Experience.

UI and UX designs need to be flawlessly executed and fully aligned to create a skillful user interface and experience.

IoT | Mia-Platform


Mia-Platform has a deep knowledge in gathering data from connected products and managing it through its Digital Platform, helping companies to enable always-on "phygital" experiences and generate a real-time valuable conversation with users.

Big Data | Mia-Platform

Big Data

Big Data helps making more informed assumptions, predict behaviors and take accurate business decisions.

Storaging, integrating and processing large amounts of data requires both a strong technology expertise and business culture, to pick the right information information and turn it into value.

Fast Data | Mia-Platform

Fast Data

Turn your Data into Real-Time Value: leverage Mia-Platform’s experience with Data Lakes, Data Streams and Event-driven Architectures to develop your Fast Data solutions and Single Views, manage information across all your channels and take the right data-driven decisions.

Security & Compliance | Mia-Platform

Security & Compliance

We help companies in controlling their users data, respecting and protecting their privacy in compliance with the new GDPR regulation.

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