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Mia-Platform Console

Mia-Platform Console is the best way to develop, govern and orchestrate your cloud native applications on Kubernetes.

Mia-Platform Console | Mia-Platform

One platform to design and manage the full DevOps lifecycle, from development to releases.

Git, Jenkins, Docker, Nexus, Kubernetes, Terraform, Prometheus, Kibana and many others: control all your preferred tools from the same Console, define pipelines and common standards and obtain clear and simplified governance of IT assets and teams.

Don’t waste your time to set up your Platform, just push the code! 

The DevOps Console is designed to simplify the life of your Development and Operations teams. From a unique Console, you can follow the evolution of your digital project: manage your Kubernetes clusters, design microservices, and run your CI/CD pipelines.

Focus only on your business logic and start coding.

Unified DevOps Experience | Mia-Platform

Unified DevOps Experience

Mia-Platform Console was built with developers, ops and architects in mind to simplify the everyday workflow and give companies complete governance of their platform ecosystem.

Simple Microservices Development | Mia-Platform

Simple Microservices Development

Mia-Platform provides a ready-to-use ecosystem for the development and orchestration of your microservices. Use your preferred tools to write the code, starting with templates and examples open source, and accelerate your digital projects thanks to a rich plugins catalog on your Marketplace. 

Clear API Management | Mia-Platform

Clear API Management

Manage your APIs with one of the most complete microgateway on the market. Simplify the opening of new partnerships thanks to your API portal.  

Headless CMS | Mia-Platform

Headless CMS

Extend Mia-Platform Console with a customizable and easy-to-use CMS designed for non-technical users for everyday work. Give your business people direct access to the Platform’s data and APIs.

Fast Data Integration | Mia-Platform

Fast Data Integration

Complete the suite with Mia-Platform Fast Data: the key to build the perfect event-driven architecture, offload your legacy systems, aggregate data in Single Views and serve all of your business channels in real-time.

Where can you install it?


Our technology is Cross-Cloud: you can install Mia‑Platform Suite leveraging the infrastructures already existing in your company, such as IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure, OpenShift and others.

As a Service

Run directly on Mia‑Platform Cloud and do not worry about hosting, scalability and servers: finally you can focus only on your Company's business.

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