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API Management & Headless CMS

State-of-the-art solution for API Full Lifecycle Management.

API Management & Headless CMS | Mia-Platform

Gain total control over your APIs, from design and security to versioning and retirement.

Deliver your content directly where you need it thanks to an API centric approach for all your channels.

API Gateway | Mia-Platform

API Gateway

Control all the accesses from one unique point and manage dynamically and rapidly all the requests: define endpoints, manage authentication and ACL, secure headers, apply micro-cache logics, rewrite URLs, version and retire REST and GraphQL APIs.

API Portal | Mia-Platform

API Portal

Real-time auto-generated documentation of your development services:

  • OpenAPI Specification (OAS) for RESTful web services

  • Automatically synchronize documentation, client libraries, and source code​

  • Aggregate Swaggers in a single page

  • Test live your APIs

Headless CMS | Mia-Platform

Headless CMS

Manage all your content in an easy and user-friendly way.

  • Upload all your contents through one unique interface

  • Edit texts, images and videos on your devices with a few clicks

  • Customize CMS and Dashboard for your business and your needs

  • Verify accesses and permissions according to the user's category

Configure your CMS in a few minutes with the DevOps Console!

  • Create categories and pages
  • Customize the layout and the collection's design
  • Save and deploy your CMS

Analytics | Mia-Platform


Take decisions leveraging the power of your data.

  • Accurately profile your users through a single user view for all your channel.

  • Rapidly set your KPIs and monitor in real-time your analytics.

  • Take advantage of the ready-to-use tools or develop some new ones “ad hoc” for your business.

Configure your CMS analysis dashboard

  • Select your visualization layout
  • Configure the widget file
  • Manage properties (name, collection, filters, type of graph, etc)
  • Set the data range
  • Deploy and visualize your collections' analytics.

Where can you install it?


Our technology is Cross-Cloud: you can install Mia‑Platform Suite leveraging the infrastructures already existing in your company, such as IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure, OpenShift and others.

As a Service

Run directly on Mia‑Platform Cloud and do not worry about hosting, scalability and servers: finally you can focus only on your Company's business.

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