DevOps Console

One Platform to rule them all: design and manage the full lifecycle of your DevOps Value Stream.
Git, Jenkins, Docker, Nexus, Kubernetes, Terraform, Prometheus, Kibana and many others: control all your preferred tools from the same Console, define pipelines and common standards and obtain a clear and simplified governance of IT assets and teams.

DevOps Console | Mia-Platform

The DevOps Console is designed to simplify the life of your Development and Operations teams.

Manage your Kubernetes clusters, define environments, set up test automation, design and run your CI/CD pipelines controlling your preferred tools from one unique Console.

Manage Kubernetes | Mia-Platform

Manage Kubernetes

Configure your Kubernetes clusters, easily manage your Secrets as a Service and set up your own project in a few clicks.

CI/CD Pipelines | Mia-Platform

CI/CD Pipelines

Design and run your pipelines for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, controlling from one unique Console all of your preferred tools: Git, Jenkins, Travis, Gitlab CI, Postman, Sonar, Docker, Nexus, k8s, Terraform, Ansible, Prometheus, Kibana, Grafana, and many, many more!

Test Automation & Debug | Mia-Platform

Test Automation & Debug

Set up and configure your tests suite:

  • Run your pipelines with Postman test files

  • Debug locally directly from Console thanks to Telepresence integration

  • Works also with Testzilla

Deploy | Mia-Platform


Release your configurations across different environments with rolling, blue/green, or canary releases.

Automate your team's pipelines to achieve continuous CI/CD.

Keep full track of your logs and deployments and quickly access your GIT files, always maintaining rollback just one click away.

Metrics | Mia-Platform


  • Create your own dashboards to visualize and navigate data​

  • Monitor your CPU and RAM in one sight

  • Natively integrated with Elasticsearch and Prometheus

Configure and deploy CRUD microservices

  • ​Configure your microservice and create your endpoints
  • Deploy your configuration in test
  • Access to the documentation updated in real-time and test your calls

Monitoring | Mia-Platform


  • Visualize project PODs​ and navigate logs

  • Restart PODs

  • Monitor consumes

  • Microservice Conversation Tracking

Platform Governance | Mia-Platform

Platform Governance

Guarantee quality and consistency of your developments with a clear governance.

  • Leverage Templates and Examples in your Microservices Marketplace to speed up development.

  • Keep full control of your APIs with the API Portal.

  • Enforce through code the best practices across all teams, both internal and external.

Where can you install it?


Our technology is Cross-Cloud: you can install Mia‑Platform Suite leveraging the infrastructures already existing in your company, such as IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure, OpenShift and others.

As a Service

Run directly on Mia‑Platform Cloud and do not worry about hosting, scalability and servers: finally you can focus only on your Company's business.

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