🎉 Mia-Platform named as Cool Vendor in the 2021 Gartner Cool Vendors for Software Engineering Technologies


Vertical Solutions

Accelerate the development of your platform with specific applications designed for your business context. Mia-Platform offers a rich catalog of ready-to-use microservices, as a result of a consolidated experience, constant research, and ongoing development.

Vertical Solutions | Mia-Platform

Mia-Platform provides ready-to-use packages to accelerate the creation of digital products and services created for a specific sector, reducing development and distribution costs.

Mia-Care | Mia-Platform


Mia-Care is designed to meet the needs of the healthcare sector, which is facing a digital transformation, thanks to the introduction of Healthcare 4.0.

This solution provides a flexible and scalable platform to create digital products and services in the healthcare and medical sectors.

Insurance | Mia-Platform


A new paradigm is emerging in the insurance world offering modern and omnichannel experiences: the Insurance-as-a-Platform.

Mia-Platform provides a ready-to-use solution to build your end-to-end Insurtech platform. Decouple the core systems from the channels, evolve your applications, and focus on data, know-how, and existing tools.

Banking | Mia-Platform


Omnichannel Banking, together with Open Banking, has introduced a paradigm shift in the financial world, which contributed to the consolidation of financial services ecosystems managed in collaboration with several business partners.

Mia-Platform is the cloud-native platform that supports banks and financial institutions to quickly create a new set of scalable digital services and to evolve towards Open Innovation, filling the gap between traditional banks and modern digital omnichannel banks thanks to APIs, microservices, and Fast Data.  

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