The Healthcare sector is facing a disruptive transformation due to the digitalization of customer experience and organizational processes, and the emergence of new technology-driven services.

Mia-Care enables Clinics, Digital Health, Pharma, and Medical Device Manufacturers to deliver their regulated digital products and services on a global scale using a seamless and scalable microservice-based digital platform.

Mia-Care | Mia-Platform

Develop your Digital Hub for your Medical and Health applications with our cloud-native architecture based on Microservices, APIs, DevOps, and Fast Data.

Mia-Care Platform accelerates time to market, reduces cost and risk of implementation and maintenance versus home-made solutions.

Our team will help you to scale across products, services, and new business opportunities with a state of the art, secure, and regulated cloud architecture.

Develop Fast | Mia-Platform

Develop Fast

Accelerate your time-to-market using our Microservice and API start kit for an easy platform set-up and deployment. Customize your CMS to orchestrate content and services with few clicks.

Develop Smart | Mia-Platform

Develop Smart

Our Meta Architecture easily integrates and manages data from multiple digital touchpoints and data sources. Use our dashboard to create Single Views of your clinical, operational, and business KPI to enable more meaningful insights.

Develop Secure | Mia-Platform

Develop Secure

Meet compliance and security requirements, including ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, EU 2017/745, and more.

Empower your Solution

The Mia-Care team will help you tailor the solution for your business needs, while your team quickly becomes familiar with the underlying technologies. Our goal is to enable your organization to become fully independent to manage and evolve your digital platform.

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